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I love running a series of posts on a particular topic. It gives you a chance to see more variety than what I could include in a single post.  That means more tips and ideas to help you get organized!

There are links to several series in the menu bar already.  Here are a few others and I'll be adding to this page whenever I share a new series on the blog.

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Organizing For A Simpler Christmas | Organizing For Summer | Travel Tips
I Love Freecycle!

Organizing For A Simpler Christmas

Christmas is a busy time of year. And sometimes all the tasks on the to-do lists can take you away from spending time enjoying the season with the ones you love. These posts are written to help you simplify things so you can get back to celebrating this wonderful time of year!

Organizing For Summer

Our family LOVES summer!  Not just because the kids are excited to be out of school for 2 months, but because we enjoy a lot of outdoor summer activities together.

Even though summer allows for more unstructured, laid-back time after the busy pace of the school year, it's still good to have some structure and organization.

These posts share how I've organized elements of our summers, while sharing tips to help you organize yours.

Travel Tips

We love going on vacation!  But various aspects of holidays can be overwhelming if you're not organized.  This series gives tips to help you prepare for an organized vacation!

Here are links to all the posts in the series.

I Love Freecycle!

I've mentioned several times on the blog how much I love Freecycle. 

If you're not sure what Freecycle is, I explain it more in the first post in this series.  The rest of the series shows examples of things I've given away on Freecycle or things I've received. 

It's a great site!  Check it out in your area.

Here are the posts in the series: