Organizing My Home

I've posted about several areas of my home as I've organized them, and shared tips to help you organize your home too.  Here are the spaces I've shared so far and I'll keep adding to this page as I post more.

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Command Centre | My "Office" | Closets
My Basement | My Kitchen | My Kids' Rooms | Outdoors

Command Centre

I created a Command Centre for our family on a wall in our kitchen.  It's been a lifesaver!
  • It helps to keep our lives organized (calendar, weekly notes, monthly family goals, and routines)
  • It keeps the kids' school gear contained instead of being dumped on the floor
  • It keeps piles of paperwork off our counters and tables (schoolwork, coupons, receipts, invitations, field trip notices, etc.)
If you'd like to create a command centre to organize and declutter your lives, this series has lots of tips for you!

Here are all the posts:

My "Office"

I don't have a designated office in our home, but we have a desk and some file cabinets in our basement and a desk in our dining room {yep, you read that right - the dining room!}.  Both areas were very cluttered and needed to be organized.

These posts show my process while I organized these two spaces.  There are some GREAT before and after photos!  In each post I share tips to help you organize your office areas too (whether you have an actual office or not!).

Decluttering and organizing my office areas has made processing paperwork so much easier and I'm no longer overwhelmed when I see our desks because the clutter is gone!

I hope you'll find the same freedom by organizing your office!

Here are all the posts in the series:


I love organizing closets!  They are often so cluttered because they are great places to "hide" the stuff you don't want people to see.  But it's still there... and it keeps building up if it's not dealt with.

Once a closet is decluttered, it's so much fun to plan out how to use all the space (especially tricks to maximize the vertical space!).  I love to organize closets so it's easy to find everything and simple to maintain.

I haven't posted about all the closets in my home yet, but here's a list of the ones I have shared!  Each one includes tips to help you declutter and organize your closets too.

My Basement

My basement is the ultimate multi-purpose room!  It's also an easy dumping ground because we don't spend as much time down there as we do on the main floor and upstairs.  I regularly need to organize and maintain the different areas down there.

I've shared a lot of posts about organizing the various spaces in my basement and in each one I share tips to help you organize similar spaces in your house. There are great before and after shots in each post :)

Check them out!

My Kitchen

I have a small kitchen so I need to always stay on top of keeping it decluttered and organized.  Every year or two some many of them need tweaking again.  I wrote a series of posts with kitchen organizing tips as I organized my kitchen awhile ago.

Here are all the posts:

And here are a few other posts I've written about organizing my kitchen:

My Kids' Rooms

I organize and declutter and reorganize and declutter my kids' rooms at least twice a year. Usually spring and fall when I'm changing out their seasonal clothes. I use that opportunity to purge any clothes that are too small and switch in some clothes that now fit. We also work together to purge toys and books they no longer use or want {sometimes more successfully than others!}. I haven't shown everything about my kids' rooms on the blog, but here are a few posts I've shared so far.


I declutter and organize our garage and backyard deckbox at least once a year. They are well-used spaces and can become dumping grounds if they aren't kept under control.  Here are the posts I've shared with tips on organizing outdoor spaces.

I hope seeing how I declutter and organize my home will help you organize yours. We moved to a new house so I'll be adding posts to these categories as I share how I've organized our new home.

Happy organizing!