Friday, September 29, 2017

I'm Back!! And Kicking off a Photo Decluttering Challenge :)

So it's been awhile... how ya been? I've been a wee bit busy the last few months. OK crazy busy. We moved this summer which pretty much took over my life. Tons of time spent searching for a place, preparing our old house to sell, decluttering, living in a "show-ready" home for 6 weeks (I've never cleaned my house so much in my life!), packing, decluttering, moving, unpacking, more decluttering, renovating, getting the kids settled into new schools and routines, more decluttering. You get the picture.

Even as a professional organizer, who has been decluttering our home for over 5 years, and who helps other people with their moves, it's been a lot of work.

So blogging kept getting bumped further down my to-do list. Sorry about that! I've missed you all :)

I've still been hanging around in the 365 Items in 365 Days Facebook Group, cheering on all the great decluttering that's been happening there. I love how everyone in the group cheers each other on when they make progress in their decluttering efforts!