I love hosting challenges that you can participate in, right along with me.  It's great to see you applying the tips I share in each post.  And the accountability of posting my progress for you keeps me going when I may be tempted to slack off :)

Based on feedback, it seems that you find it easier to complete a decluttering or organizing project when you're doing it with others too.

If you're reading these challenges after they were run, you can still join in by leaving a comment.  I'll encourage you as you go through each part of the challenge!  You may even find others joining in at the same time too.

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You've Got Too Much Email Challenge | The Great Photo Purge Challenge

You've Got Too Much Email Challenge

Is your email inbox overwhelming? Mine was. So I started a challenge to declutter our inboxes.

I shared my progress each week and gave lots of tips for helping you declutter your inbox too.

I still have a way to go (I started with over 8,000 emails and deleted over 6500!), but now I'm just doing a few minutes here and there until I'm finished.

The most important thing is, the lessons I learned through this challenge are helping me keep my inbox clean as new emails come in.  So I'm no longer overwhelmed when I open my inbox!

If you've got a cluttered inbox, check out these posts for tips to help you declutter it.  And leave me comments with your goals and/or progress.  Even though the challenge is over, I'll still encourage you as you go through your emails!

Here are all the posts in the series.  {Sorry the pictures aren't very exciting for this series - most are just my spreadsheet updates!}

The Great Photo Purge Challenge

Do you have photo clutter?  Either digital or printed?  Then this series of posts is for you!  The first half of the series is all about purging digital photos.  And in the second half we tackle printed photos.

I share tons of tips in these posts as well as my photo purging progress.  I'm still working my way through my digital photos, a little bit at a time so I'm not overwhelmed. 

You can join in at at any time and just leave me a comment so I can encourage you!

Here are all the posts in the series: