Other Rooms

This page is kind of a catch-all!  Not everyone has all these spaces in their homes, or you may have rooms that do double-duty.  The page is subdivided into categories, with tips for organizing each space in the appropriate category so you can pick and choose which tips will work for your space.


I don't have a designated office in my home.  We have two desks (one in the basement and one in the dining room) that function as our "office".  Here are all the posts in a series I wrote on organizing my office spaces.

I've also give tips for decluttering and organizing offices in these posts.

Craft Room

We don't have a craft room, but we have a lot of craft supplies.  I've shared how I organized our craft supplies and given tips to help you declutter and organize your craft supplies in these posts.

Guest Room

We also don't have a guest room, so I haven't shared a lot about organizing a guest room.  But, for many people, including us, a guest room is really a multi-purpose room.  Here's a post with tips for Organizing Multi-Purpose Rooms.

Laundry Room

I haven't shared our laundry room yet, but here are some tips for decluttering and organizing your laundry room.

I hope these tips help you organize all the "other" rooms in your home!

Happy Organizing!

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