Other Rooms

This page is kind of a catch-all!  Not everyone has all these spaces in their homes, or you may have rooms that do double-duty.  The page is subdivided into categories, with tips for organizing each space in the appropriate category so you can pick and choose which tips will work for your space.

Organizing My Office

I don't have a designated office in my home.  We have two desks (one in the basement and one in the dining room) that function as our "office".  Here are all the posts in a series I wrote on organizing my office spaces.

I've also give tips for decluttering and organizing offices in these posts.

Spare Room / Craft Room / Guest Room / Multi-purpose Room

If your home has a "spare" room that isn't designated as someone's bedroom or an office, it is likely a craft room or a multi-purpose room. Hopefully it's not a dumping ground. Giving it a purpose and assigning homes to the items you want to keep in there will help it from becoming an overwhelming mess. Here are a few posts with tips to help you declutter and organize your craft supplies and other items you may be storing in your spare room.

Laundry Room

I haven't shared our laundry room yet, but here are some tips for decluttering and organizing your laundry room.

I hope these tips help you organize all the "other" rooms in your home!

Happy Organizing!