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Monday, August 6, 2012

Google+ for the blog!

I've done it!  I started a Google+ profile for myself and a Google+ page for this blog!  I don't know why I waited so long because it really wasn't that difficult. 

I followed the steps outlined in the What Can Google+ Do For You? series by Shasta from In The Old Road.   Thanks for this great series Shasta and for your passion for Google+!

After I set up both pages, I added a Google+ gadget to my blog.  I already had a +1 button and hopefully as I start using Google+ more I'll see more +1's on my posts. 

I'm going to link up to Shasta's Google+ Blog Hop.  She's co-hosting this hop with several other great blogs.

This blog hop will help me meet lots of bloggers on Google+ and add lots of people to my circles.  Hopefully bloggers will circle me back too :) 

I kind of sound like I know what I'm talking about don't I? :)  I'm still learning though... I know I will be making lots of changes as I get more proficient with Google+.

I will be sharing blog posts and organizing tips on the blog's Google+ page (like I do on the From Overwhelmed To Organized Facebook page).  As I see how each of these social communities interacts, I'm sure each one will take on it's own flavour. 

If you're using Google+, I encourage you to join the blog hop.  And, of course, please check out the From Overwhelmed To Organized Google+ page as well!  I'm looking forward to getting to know you more on Google+.

Happy organizing!

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