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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Command Centre: Wall Files for Papers

Command Centre:  Wall Files for Papers |

Do you have piles of paper on your kitchen counter, dining room table, or in your entryway?

You know the papers I mean?  Those things that come in your house every. single. day.  Like bills, invitations, and flyers.  Or school work, newsletters, and permission forms.  Or receipts and coupons.

All those things you need to do something with.  At some point.  But not right away.  So you put them in a pile to deal with later.

And the pile gets moved a few times because you need the space for something else.  Like cooking or eating :)

Then when you need something, you can't find it and have to scramble around as you're running out the door.  Or you have to pay late fees because you forgot to pay a bill.  Or you can't return something because you can't find the receipt.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Even for those of us who like organizing, the daily accumulation of paper is a huge challenge.  It just keeps on entering our homes!

If you don't have a solution for dealing with those daily papers, you'll  easily be overwhelmed by it.

I'm embarrassed to show this, but here was where some of our paperwork ended up.

Not pretty I tell ya!  And I don't have a picture of the piles of papers on our kitchen table or living room table or on the floor near our front door, but trust me, they were frequently in any or all of those places.

So how can you turn an overwhelming mess of paper into something organized?

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Happy organizing!