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Friday, February 15, 2013

Organizing Ideas for the Weekend #14

Happy Friday!  Time for another organizing idea for your weekend :)

Is your purse a bottomless pit?  Do you lose things in your purse and waste precious time trying to find what you're looking for?  Do you switch purses frequently and take a long time moving everything from one bag to the other?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then today's post is for you!  I'll be sharing some great ideas for organizing your purse so you always know where everything is, and can quickly and easily find what you need.

{And if you answered "no" to all of the questions above, then kudos to you for being organized!  You get to take the weekend off.  Or you can organize something else.  But please share this post with your friends and family so you can help them to get past that overwhelming feeling and get their purses organized :) }

I'll be honest, part of the reason I'm doing this post is because my purse is NOT organized.  I used to be quite organized in my last few purses, but I'm currently using a black hole kind of purse.  It's a beautiful purse that I received as a gift and I LOVE everything about it.  Well, everything except the fact that it's HUGE inside and doesn't have many pockets.

Since I knew I needed ideas, I searched on Pinterest and pinned a bunch of great purse organizing ideas.  And since I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with a chaotic purse, I thought I'd share some ideas with you!

If you have a purse with lots of pockets, then make a point of assigning a specific item to each pocket.  And always put that item back in that pocket.  Keys go in the keys pocket.  Phone goes in the phone pocket.  Gum goes in the gum pocket.  You get the idea :)  This way you don't have to spend as much time looking for things.

Here are a couple of posts with more tips for organizing your purse.

  • This post gives ideas for categories you can use to separate the various items in your purse.  I also love how she uses free little pouches that come with cosmetics or toiletries.  I have some of those :)

Kinder Likes of Nothing

  • More great lists of purse items in this post as well as tips such as standing things vertically to make them easier to find.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

If you don't have a lot of pockets in your purse, then you need to find something that will function as pockets for you.

There are a ton of purse organizers that you can buy, especially on Etsy.  But if you're looking for a more budget-friendly way to get your purse organized, there are also lots of DIY options.

Here are a few of my favourites {click the links below the pictures for more details, and, in many cases, tutorials}.

1.  This one is made out of a hot pad and some Ziplock bags.

Practically Functional

2.  Here's one made from a placemat.


3.  You can't tell by looking at it, but this one is made out of a cereal box.

Jenny Can't Sleep

4.  I love how this one clips onto your purse so you can easily transfer it into another bag.  Plus it's not sitting on the bottom of your purse so you can still put other things there :)

Martha Stewart

5.  And how cute is this little trash can so you can always put your garbage somewhere {rather than just tossing it in the bottom of your purse - not that I'd know anything about that :) }

Organizing Homelife

For more great purse organizing ideas, head over to my Purse Organizing board on Pinterest.

So this weekend... get started!  Choose which type of purse organizer will work best for you and either buy or make it.  Then have fun sorting through your purse {you'll be surprised what you might find in there!} and organizing it!

How do you organize your purse?  Do you have any tips for keeping your purse organized?  What's the craziest thing you found in your purse when you were organizing it?

Happy organizing and have a great weekend!


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