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Monday, November 3, 2014

3 New Ways to go From Overwhelmed To Organized!

Do like the organizing and decluttering tips I share on From Overwhelmed To Organized?  Did you know I share other ideas on a variety of social media sites too?  Things that never get shown on the blog!

Previous Social Media Channels

For a few years now you've been able to follow From Overwhelmed to Organized in these 3 places:

And last year I added Bloglovin'

New Social Media Channels

People have been encouraging me for years to join Twitter, and more recently Instagram. And I finally did!  I've also been hearing so much about Stumble Upon lately, so I decided to join it too!

So, you can now follow me here:

I don't have a ton of posts on these sites yet (especially Instagram), but I'm working on them :)

For all you veterans of Twitter, Instagram and/or Stumble Upon, if you have any tips to get me going, I'd love to hear them!

I'd love to connect with you on any or all of these sites!  I'm going to be adding organizing tips and ideas on all of them on a regular basis.  And it usually won't be the same on all of them (other than my blog posts), so you won't be bombarded with duplicate content :)

You can always find follow buttons to all of these sites up in the very top right corner of the blog.

And, you can find social share buttons at the end of each post.

These make it easy for you to share what you're reading with your friends!  They'll thank you for helping them go from overwhelmed to organized too :)

Which social media site is your favourite?  Why do you like it?

Happy organizing!

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but really enjoy Google Plus and Pinterest. I need to use Twitter and Instagram more often!

  2. I am a Facebook Junkie ;-) So much fun stuff on there...
    I also use Google+ to promote my blog posts.

    1. Yes, FB can be very entertaining! I'm linking G+ the more I get to know it.

  3. I use Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest on a daily basis. I don't like FB and just go to post my laters post.

    1. Wow you've got a lot of social media happening Helene! Good for you!


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