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Monday, November 21, 2016

Vacation Packing Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday {Video}!

Do you love vacations but hate getting ready for them? It can be overwhelming finishing everything you need to do before you go, especially packing. In this post I will share some tips to help make packing simpler and also some ideas to help you stay organized when you get to your destination so you can relax and enjoy yourself!

Video Vacation Packing Tips

Here's a video of me on Kitty Talk a few months ago, sharing packing tips {skip ahead the first 22 seconds to get to the actual start}. These are geared specifically for summer, but they apply to winter vacations too (you just may need to pack a few extra layers). If you're traveling to a sunshine destination then you can wear your warmer clothes and layers and still pack light for when you get there!

Free Printable Packing List

Here's the link to the post with the free printable packing list I mentioned in the video.

There are several versions you can choose from, depending on your needs.  In the video I showed a laminated version, and once you try out the different printables (or customize your own on the blank version) then you can print it out on cardstock and laminate it. Then every time you need to pack you can use a dry erase marker like these {affiliate link} to cross off things you don't need for this trip, add any special items you do need this time, and check off as you pack everything.

You can also use a Christmas packing list if you're traveling during the holidays! There's a sample version and a blank version you can download and print.

Traveling With Gifts

Many times when we travel we're visiting family or friends, and often we bring gifts with us. Especially if we're traveling for the holidays, but also for birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions.

It can be a challenge figuring out the best way to transport our gifts, so here are some tips to help you pack gifts when traveling!

Products To Make Vacations Easier

Here are the products I showed in the video that can help make packing easier or keep you organized when you're on vacation!

  • Packing Cubes - I used these packing cubes {affiliate link} but there are lots of different kinds available! 

  • Toiletry kit - If you're taking your toiletries in a carry-on you need to make sure they meet all the regulations. You can put together a kit yourself or buy a toiletry kit that meets airline regulations {affiliate link}.  Here's mine in the inside pocket of my carry-on bag, beside my bag with my other toiletries. 

    • Hanging Jewelry Organizer - there are lots of different options for organizing your jewelry while on vacation, but if you use a hanging one then you can see everything you have when you reach your destination and it rolls small while you're traveling.  I use this travel sized Little Black Dress jewelry organizer {affiliate link}. 

    • Hanging Sweater Organizer - You can get hanging sweater organizers {affiliate link} at most department stores to match your room decor and needs.  We used this one on our cruise last spring and it helped maximize the vertical space in our tiny closet!

    • Collapsible container for all your small items - You can use an Ikea Skubb drawer organizer or any collapsible drawer organizer {affiliate link}. They don't take up much space in your suitcase or carry-on, and they are a great place to toss keys, receipts, sunglasses, phones, etc. so nothing falls behind the dresser or table. They also work great on a bathroom counter to keep your toiletries contained. 

    A Closer Look At What I Packed

    It's hard to believe I fit so much in one carry-on!  Here's everything I packed:

    • One cube with bottoms - 2 capris, 1 jeans, 3 shorts

    • One cube with tops - 2 dresses, 3 t-shirts, 3 dressy tank tops

    • One small cube with undergarments - 7 underwear, 2 pairs of socks, 2 bras

    • One shoe bag with footwear - 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of sandals

    • 2 bathing suits, 1 cover-up, 1 towel
    • 2 toiletry bags - 1 for liquids and 1 for everything else
    • 1 collapsible bin
    • 1 jewelry organizer
    • 1 hanging sweater organizer
    • Snacks, wipes, and a travel wallet in the outside pockets

    Everything I need for a week in a sunny destination :)

    How To Fit Everything Into a Carry-On Suitcase

    If you don't believe me that I can fit everything for a week-long sun vacation into one carry-on, here are a few pictures of the process:

    First I put the 2 large packing cubes on one side of the carry-on.

    Small narrow items fit well on the bottom of the carry-on or suitcase between the bars from the handle.  The rolled up jewelry organizer is perfect here, as is the collapsible bin.  So I tucked those in the bottom (sorry I forgot to take a picture).  

    Then I added the shoe bag, and put the small packing cube on top of it.  I tucked the towel, cover-ups, and bathing suits in the corner.  I like having my bathing suit easily accessible in case I can't get into my room right away when I reach my destination so I can hit the beach or the pool while I wait :)  

    Here's how this side of the carry-on looks:

    Here's how the whole carry-on looks when it's packed:

    I just add the sweater organizer on top of the packing cubes and then zip it up!  I've got plenty of space but if you're tight on space you can squeeze some air out of the packing cubes to make it easier to close your suitcase :) 

    Like I mentioned above, the outside pockets contain snacks, wipes, and a travel wallet. I would also take a purse or smaller carry-on bag with a few of those items too, as well as any travel documents, a book or two, my phone, sunglasses, etc. 

    OK now I really want to go on a sun vacation... especially since the cold winter temperatures just hit here!

    There are lots more tips in the video that I didn't mention or picture in the post, so make sure you check it out! 

    You can check out my Organizing For Travel board on Pinterest.

    How many things do you take when you travel? What packing tips can you share that make getting ready for vacations easier? How do you stay organized while you're on vacation?

    Happy organizing!

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