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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From Overwhelmed To Organized on Pinterest!

Well, I've been saying for a couple of months now (June Review and August Review) that I want to start a Pinterest account for the blog and I finally did it!  Come check out the From Overwhelmed To Organized Pinterest boards.

I've been pinning lots of things to build up my boards and I'm finding people I want to follow.  It's not very big yet but ya gotta start somewhere right?!  Let's just say it's a work in progress.

I've pinned all the posts from the From Overwhelmed To Organized blog onto a board called "Blog Posts" {I know, not very creative but I'll pretty it all up once I get everything more established}.

I also pinned a bunch of organizing ideas from some of my favourite organizing bloggers and I'll be going through more bloggers as well as my favourites list, my bookmarks, and my Evernote notebooks to pin the links I've been saving in those places.

Most of what I'll be pinning will be organizing ideas and I've set up boards for various rooms or spaces in the home.  I also set up boards such as "Organizing Tips" for general tips, "De-cluttering/Purging Tips & Ideas" for ideas on how to eliminate or reduce clutter in your home, "Storage" for inspiration on how to best store items, and "Labels" for links to various labels you can use when you're organizing.

Just for fun I added a board called "Purple" for all the pretty purple pictures I come across and a board called "Things That Make Me Smile" because sometimes I just need to smile and gain perspective again :)  {Maybe you do too sometimes?  If so check out that board!}.

There are so many other amazing {non-organizing} ideas out there that I will also have boards for things like recipes, crafts, and decorating so I can pin things that I want to try or that inspire me.

Some of these boards don't have a lot of pins on them yet but I figured it was easier to set up my boards the way I wanted them right away than to have to reorganize them later when I get too many pins in a particular category.  I want to keep them organized so you can easily find what you're looking for {go organizing blogger organizing her Pinterest boards :)}.

There's a button at the top of each post on the blog to make it easy for you to pin that post.  It looks like this:

It's actually been there since I started the blog and it's been so neat knowing that people have been pinning my posts all along.  This is actually from the Purging and Storing Leftover Paint post.  I can't believe 767 people have pinned it!  Now I get to join in the fun and pin pictures and posts that I love when I'm reading all of your blogs!

I added a button on the sidebar to follow the blog on Pinterest so you can see all the organizing ideas I'm pinning or search for ideas when you're starting an organizing project.

I'm so excited to start this new adventure! So many of you have been encouraging me to jump in and I can't wait to see what I've been missing :)

If you're on Pinterest, please leave a comment with your link so I can follow you!  I'd also really love to hear any tips you have for any of us "newbies" starting out :)  Thanks!

Happy organizing!

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