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Friday, September 28, 2012

Organizing Ideas for the Weekend #2

Time for another quick organizing tip!  This one comes courtesy of The Frugal Girls.

I'm working my way through several years of my kids' artwork, schoolwork, and memorabilia to purge as much as possible and organize what I decide to keep.  It's SO tough throwing things out that your kids made!  So when I came across this tip I knew it would help me moving forward.

Jenny suggests taking a picture of your child holding his or her precious artwork and then you can keep the picture (and the memory of the child at the age it was created).  These pictures then take up a small space on your computer's hard drive or or a data stick, rather than bins or boxes of papers in a basement or attic or garage.  And you connect the items with the memory of how proud your child was and how cute he or she was at that age :)

This will be a big help moving forward!  Thanks for the great idea Jenny!

As for the bins and piles from the last few years, I think I'll just take pictures of a bunch of the creations and that should {hopefully!} make it a little easier to get rid of them.

If you have things that have already started to pile up this fall, take some time this weekend to take pictures of your kids with their work.  Then you can go through their old things and decide what you want to keep and what you want to take pictures of and throw away.

I won't be tackling those bins and piles of artwork and memorabilia this weekend because we're going away but I will definitely continue working through them soon.

What do you do with your kids' creations and work and memories?  Am I the only one that has a hard time parting with them?   Do you have any tips for making it easier to discard these items?  I look forward to reading your ideas and suggestions in the comments!

Happy organizing and have a great weekend!

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  1. This is hard for me too! RIght now my kids are only in preschool but it is already piling up. As of right now after I hang them up in our "art gallery" I just put them in a large art envelope (from Hobby Lobby) that I have for each kid. I make sure and only keep the ones we love and put the kid's name and date it was created. I'm hoping to go beyond that at some point--this is just sort of the landing spot until I figure that out. :) Great idea!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one Susan! I'm so sentimental :) My kids are in grade 1 and 3 and my hubby kept nearly everything when he put things away so I've got quite a bit to go through. Our previous system was just putting things into a bin (mostly labelled but not all so I'm doing some detective work now!). Your system sounds much more organized :)

  2. My mom kept all of my artwork from growing up in a bin in the garage. When I got married, she decided it was time for me to take ALL of the stuff she had saved from me growing up. I'm talking AAAAAALL of it. The artwork was the hardest for me to get rid of. I mean, five-year-old-me made some cool stuff. I too took pictures of my artwork, but I took it step forward and made it into a photobook through Shutterfly. I still have the pictures on a flash drive, but it's nice to have the book to look at every once in a while. I've seen people who make one Shutterfly book a year for their kids in lieu of scrapbooking and include artwork pictures in with all the other fun adventures. I want to do that for my future/hypothetical kids.

    1. I bet 5 year old Jen created some great stuff :) I love the photobook idea. It's a great way to make those memories that much more special. Good job having a plan for the future too!

  3. I do a photobook like Jen. I consolidate years though if there isn't enough art to fill a whole book. The oldest is getting about to the age where she doesn't bring home art every day, so I can combine 2nd - 4th grade for her probably. This week/end I intend to take pictures of the art and catch up on that project. I love this solution, I just need to be more diligent keeping up on it.

    1. That's a good idea to combine years Jibberblog. My son's in grade 3 and there's definitely less artwork. Once I get my new system in place I think keeping on top of it will be the biggest challenge but it will have the best payoff too. Good luck with catching up on yours!


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