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Monday, February 10, 2014

Check out These Printables I'm Going To Use from the Printable LOVE Bundle!

You may have seen my post on Friday about the Printable Love Bundle sale that's on right now.

Today I wanted to share some of the ways that I plan to use some of the printables in this great bundle!

I mentioned last month that I didn't create a whole bunch of goals for the year, but that I want to start one new habit or achieve one new goal at a time and then add a new one.  By the end of the year I will have started several new habits and achieved a bunch of goals.  {Hopefully anyway!}

These goal tracking sheets in the Printable LOVE Bundle will be a great way to help me track the goals I'm working towards this year and keep me motivated to achieve them!

Even though I didn't set specific goals right now, I do have ideas of some of the things I'd like to start this year.

One of them is menu planning.  So I'm really excited about all the menu planning printables included in the Printable LOVE Bundle!   Here are a couple of options I'll probably use when I tackle this goal.

 {Love the purple!}

These grocery lists will be really helpful too!

I also want to get into a better cleaning routine.  I don't enjoy cleaning and I often put it off and then it feels overwhelming so I put it off even more.  Vicious cycle.  These cleaning checklists and plans will be great when I tackle this goal!

There's a blank version too so I can enter in my own cleaning tasks.

And I'm not the greatest at using my time in the most efficient and productive way possible.  I want to get better at that and these daily and weekly dockets will help when I start working more intentionally on managing my time better.

I need to set up some financial tracking systems for my professional organizing business soon and I want to use these printables from the Printable LOVE Bundle to record expenses and bank transactions.

A small project I need to do soon is to create a password list.  I'm sure you can relate.  Lots of online accounts with usernames and passwords to keep track of.  There are several password tracker options in the Printable LOVE Bundle to choose from!

There are so many great printables in this bundle!!  I know I will come back to this bundle again and again throughout the year for these and other projects and goals.

Whether you want to create a home management binder, set up a bill-payment binder, list short-term and long-term projects you want to do in your home, or set up a blog planner, there are printables for these things and MANY more in this bundle!

Which printables do you think will help you achieve your organizing goals?  Have you started using some of these wonderful printables already?  If so, which ones?

Happy organizing!

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