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Friday, February 28, 2014

Organizing Ideas For The Weekend: More Awkward Kitchen Cabinet Ideas!

Happy Friday!  Time for another organizing idea for your weekend!

Earlier this week I shared some tips for organizing awkward or hard-to-reach cabinets in your kitchen.  But since my kitchen may not have the same awkward cabinets as yours, I wanted to show you some more ideas I found on Pinterest.

Hopefully these ideas will help for any "challenging" spots in your kitchen that may not have been covered yet in my kitchen organizing tips series!

1.  Cabinets above the fridge or up high
  • Use baskets so you can easily pull them out to access what's inside (party supplies in Ginny's case).  It's usually a lot easier to reach the front of a high cupboard than the back!
Organizing Homelife

  • You can also add dividers or a rack (like this one) to store trays, cookie sheets, or cutting boards


2.  Deep cabinets with hard-to-reach spaces at the back

  • Install pull-out drawers or sliders like these or DIY them yourself (click link below pictures for full tutorials).  When you pull out the "drawer" you'll be able to see everything and reach the items at the back.

The Family Handyman

With a Blast

3.  Corner cabinets with "dead space" or blocked areas in the corner

  • Install a slide-out mechanism like this or this (where the front part rotates out and the hidden part slides forward, making it easy to access the items at the back).  Or DIY one using the tutorial below.

The Family Handyman

  • Install a half-moon lazy susan (it attaches to the back of the door) like this

  • The most economical option is to add large lazy susan turntables to your corner cabinet (make sure you measure your cupboard and the width of the door before buying so you know it will fit)

Burlap & Denim

To finish off this post, I want to share a great idea that my friends added to their kitchen to add storage.  They didn't have a pantry, but they had some unused space behind a door, so they built a "cantry"!

This cabinet is just deep enough for a row of typical pantry items like cans and jars.  They put in lots of shelves and then added doors. 

Isn't it great?!  I love how they maximized that otherwise wasted space behind their door and gained all this extra storage!  And how cute is that name... "cantry"?!

If you've got a small kitchen and would love more cabinet space, look around and see if you've got a little spot you can add one of these in your home :)

I hope these pictures and links give you some more ideas to help you organize those awkward places in your kitchen this weekend! 

If your hard-to-reach cabinets are already organized or you want some additional ideas of what you can organize this weekend, there's a tab at the top of this page called Weekend Ideas.  It has links to all my Organizing Ideas for the Weekend posts. 

And you can find more kitchen organizing ideas on my Kitchen Organizing board on Pinterest.

How do you organize your challenging spaces in your kitchen?  What tips can you share for organizing awkward or hard-to-reach cabinets?

Happy organizing and have a great weekend!

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