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Friday, April 25, 2014

Organizing Ideas For The Weekend: Planning Your Vacation

Happy Friday!  Time for another organizing idea for your weekend!

It's barely spring in some areas (like here in Southern Ontario!), but many of us are starting to think about summer vacations.

In our family, we aren't able to take time off during the summer because my hubby is pretty low on the seniority list at Canada Post.  So we're going to be pulling the kids out of school for a couple of weeks in May to get away as a family (more on that in upcoming posts). 

And just before that my hubby is traveling on a Holy Lands cruise for 10 days with his sister (it was a trip she won and she invited him to go with her). 

So we've got traveling on the brain around here :) 

Whether you've got a trip booked or you're just starting to think about a summer vacation, now is the perfect time to start planning your next trip.  And to help you out, here are some links with great tools and tips!

1.  Wondering where to start planning?  Here's a free printable travel planning kit. 

Pinch a Little Save a Lot

2.  Prefer digital planning?  Check out How to Use Evernote to Plan Your Vacation

3.  Not sure if you can afford a vacation?  Here are 7 Ways to Save for Your Family Vacation

4.  While we're talking about finances, here are a couple of posts with ways to save money when you're on vacation.

5.  Wondering about where you can stay on your vacation?  Here are several reasons why you should rent a condo.

Life as Mom

6.  Are you thinking about planning a road trip?  Sharon from Mom of 6 did a whole series of road-trip planning tips last year.  Here's the first post in the series:  How to Plan a Great American Road Trip

7.  Worried about traveling with children?  Check out this post!  Don't Be Afraid to Travel With Children

I hope these ideas inspire you and help you start planning your next vacation!

You can find lots of other travel tips on my Organizing for Travel board on Pinterest.

If you'd like additional ideas of what you can organize this weekend, there's a tab at the top of this page called Weekend Ideas.  It has links to all my Organizing Ideas for the Weekend posts. 

How do you plan your vacations?  What additional tips can you share?  Where are you going on your next holiday?

Happy organizing and have a great weekend!

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  1. Hilda, Thanks for such useful information! You have included some great links too! Have a great weekend!
    Sissy :)

    1. Thanks Sissy! It's coming in handy as I'm planning our vacation. Hope it helps you too!

  2. How fun! I will have to check out the printable. I'm a list keeper, so anyway that helps in the process is a win!

    1. I like lists too Stacey and when they're cute it makes me want to use them even more :)

  3. Lots of great information here... we always rent a house for a week when we go on vacation - the savings is unbelievable and the comfort and security are an added plus...

    1. We usually rent a house or condo or timeshare too and we love being able to cook our own food and spread our stuff out. The savings are an added bonus aren't they? Happy vacation planning!

  4. Renting a condo is a great suggestion. Or, if you have more a month...try subletting an apartment. Bigger cities may be have this option more than smaller towns, but it could be a win-win. Stopping by from the Bloggers on Blogspot group on FB. Cheers!


    1. That's a great suggestion Kelly! We don't usually have that long to vacation at this point in life, but for those who do it's a really good way to go :)

  5. Last year we go to Florida and i've been in Tampa also. We've rent a Ford Mustand and go to Key west. It was one of the best vacations i had. I recommend it also bus from new york to atlanta must visit this site


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