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Friday, August 1, 2014

August Family Goals {Free Printable}

Happy August 1st!  Summer is flying by at breakneck speeds.  I hope you're finding time to enjoy yourself before the busy-ness of the fall season!

It's the beginning of a new month and that means a Monthly Family Goals printable for you!

August Family Goals printable 

Click this link to see how we use our monthly family goals sheet.  And stay tuned each month as I share a printable so you can also set monthly goals in your family.

If you'd like to print ahead for the whole year, you can find all the monthly goals printable sheets in the Printables tab at the top of this page. 

Here's the printable for August:

{Note: I've switched from Scribd to Dropbox for sharing printables.  If you have any problems downloading this printable, please let me know!  Thanks to the readers who let me know that Scribd was no longer a free service!}

I really hope this printable helps you achieve your goals this month in your family! 

Achieving Balance in 2014

In January I shared my word for the year: balance.  I've continued working towards this through the month of June.  I've been working this year on establishing new habits one at a time, instead of starting several at once.  It's going fairly well, but I've gotta admit... I've slowed down a bit this month.

  • In January, I worked on utilizing short amounts of time better
  • In February, my new habit was planning our dinners for the week every Sunday
  • In March I started drinking a 16 oz glass of water at least 4-5 times per day
  • In April I worked on eating more fruits and vegetables
  • In May I continued drinking water and eating more fruits and vegetables
  • In June I set a goal of going to bed by midnight
  • In July I didn't set any new goals because I knew I'd be working a fair bit (which turned out to be even more than I expected) and I didn't want to take on anything new

I'm still keeping up most of my goals from earlier in the year, which is encouraging because it means I've established them quite well now.  Still working on the bedtime one though.  It's really hard for a night owl like me :)

I'm going to take a break again this month from working on any new goals and I'll pick it back up in September.

As a family, we're continuing to work on being more grateful, my son is working on being more generous, and my daughter is working on being more peaceful.  These were words we picked for the year and when we set goals each month at our family meeting, we're thinking of ways we can achieve them.

At our July family meeting we talked about how we can develop these traits during the summer and we set goals to help us do that.  So far it's going fairly well... although kids are kids and of course they get on each others nerves... please tell me mine aren't the only ones :)

If you've never set family goals, this month is a brand new opportunity to set some!  Have a family meeting and discuss what you'd like to accomplish this month and write down your ideas on this printable.  It's a great way to help you live more intentionally!

A Quick Look Back at July on the Blog

Last month, I only set 1 goal for the blog.  I planned to post twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I didn't quite make that goal... especially the last couple of weeks.  As I mentioned, I've been working a lot this summer, helping other people declutter and organize their homes.  That has filled up many of my days, and baseball has filled up many of our evenings.  I have lots of ideas floating around, but not enough hours in the day :)

If you've missed any posts last month, you can read all the July posts here.  

One of my favourite posts this month was Why I Gave Away My Wedding Gown.  The post seemed to resonate with many of you as well.  If you haven't read the post yet, click the link above and check it out!

What's Coming Up In August On The Blog?

I'll be working quite a lot in August too, especially with one client who is listing her home later this month.  So I'm planning to post a minimum of once per week in August, and hopefully more often.  I'll cover a mix of topics including Organizing Ideas for the Weekend, 365 Items in 365 Days tips and updates, summer organizing ideas, and some back-to-school organizing posts.

In fact, today is the start of an amazing Back-to-School Printable Bundle sale!  It's only for 1 weeks and it's got everything you need to get and stay organized this fall!  I've got a copy and I'm looking forward to using some of these printables.  Check it out and buy your copy today (instant download) so you can get ready before school starts!

I'm looking forward to August, the last full month of summer weather, and hopefully doing more of our summer ideas!

So, what are your family, personal, or blog goals for August?  How are your 2014 goals coming along?  Is your summer flying by too?  What are you most looking forward to this month?

Happy organizing!

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