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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle - Sale Ends Today!

If you're new to From Overwhelmed To Organized, I don't normally post about healthy living.  In fact other than these last few posts about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, I've never posted about health at all.

But as I've mentioned a few times lately, I'm going to set goals for 2015 to help me live healthier, and I'll be sharing some of the organized ways I work towards those goals.  In case any of you want to be organized in your journey to healthier living too :)

I promise I'll get back to "regular" organizing posts after today!  I've got all kinds of decluttering and organizing posts planned for the new year!

Since the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is only on sale for 2 days, I really want to make sure you all hear about it and don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.  So you get one more post about it today :)

Why should you buy one of these bundles?  I'm glad you asked :)

Look back on 2014. What would you say was the best decision you made?  Did it have to do with your health, family or career?
Now answer this: How many things did you decide to buy that had nothing to do with those things? How many times did you buy something that had ZERO impact on your happiness today?

Fast-forward back to the present. What would be the best thing you could accomplish in 2015?
I guarantee it has to do with the SAME 3 things.

And guess what? Of the 3 things, there is one that is the most important — your health. It is what allows you do everything else that you do. Without good health, you would fail everywhere else.

In less than 24 hours, the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will no longer be available. I want you to make a decision right now to improve your family’s health and learn everything Ryan and Stephanie have been working on.

Check out details about the Healthy Living Bundle Here.  Trust me - it will be the best decision you ever make in 2015.

Note: If you are putting off buying this bundle because the thought of reading so many books is overwhelming, don't let that stop you!  Even if you only read a few of the books, the price of the bundle will be worth it. I'm planning to read 1-2 books each month throughout the year, to correspond with my monthly goals.  There are so many topics in this bundle that you can take your time going through them.  But only if you buy it today! 

After midnight tonight (Dec 30), the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will no longer be available. In September, Ryan, Stephanie and Erin sold over 18,000 copies. After people begged them to make it available again, they found a way for 48 more hours (and you have less than 24 hours left).  Don’t miss out. This is your last chance! Get the bundle now.

Time left until the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is gone forever…

If you missed yesterday's post, I've got more details about the specific books there.  If that helps you make your decision about whether you want to buy the bundle or not, you can read it here

Stay tuned for more details on my healthy living goals soon!  And regularly scheduled decluttering and organizing posts :)

I hope you'll consider joining me on my journey to better health!

What goals have you set in the past for living healthy?  How have you been able to achieve your goals?  What goals are you setting for 2015 to live healthier?  Are you going to be joining me in living healthier next year?

Happy organizing!

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