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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baskets, baskets, and more baskets!

I haven't done a post in the "I Love Freecycle!" series in quite awhile so it's time to update you on some of my latest finds.   You can see my first post in this series here for more on how Freecycle works and why I love it so much.

Last time I showed you all the mason jars that I received through Freecycle.  Shortly after that post I saw that I received several large mason jars too.  I didn't take a picture of them but you'll see them in action at some point I'm sure.

Lately, I've picked up a whole bunch of baskets.  First I was given these.

Aren't they nice?!

I even got a couple of bags of basket fillers.  One was filled with foam peanuts and the other had beige and brown paper "grass" (I'm not that crafty... is there an actual name for this?).  These materials will be useful for making gift baskets.

There was also this pretty Christmas box.  It's a little dusty but after cleaning it up I can use it to wrap a gift.  It might also be good for storing Christmas decorations or dishes.

This wooden box will be perfect for a gift basket with heavier items like wine bottles or gifts in a jar.

I have plans to put together a few gift baskets for Christmas and these will be perfect!

There were a couple of cute Easter baskets too.

Pretty good haul wasn't it?

And then a few weeks later I received these.

Aren't they beautiful?  OK the bread basket is kind of plain but the rest are great :)

This one will be perfect for keeping some gardening tools and supplies in.

Another pretty one for a Christmas gift basket.

This one will be great for the base of a centrepiece once I kick my decorating gear up a notch :)

I'm so excited to use these baskets!  And you can't beat the price... free :)

What kinds of things do you use baskets for?

What's the best thing you've ever found on Freecycle (or a thrift store/garage sale)?  Let me know and maybe I'll feature you in a future post in the series!

Happy organizing!

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