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Friday, April 12, 2013

Organizing Ideas For The Weekend #16

Happy Friday!  Time for another organizing idea for your weekend :)  It's been awhile since I last shared one of these posts so I'm excited to get the series back in motion again!

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen?  Are you sometimes frantically searching for something that you know you put in a drawer, but now that drawer is so cluttered you can't find anything in it?

Been there?  Done that?  

It's great to have a drawer that you can use to store a variety of items, but if it's not organized it becomes more of a hassle than it's worth!

Today I'll be sharing some tips to help you turn that overwhelming drawer into a place of organizational beauty :)

Here we go!

  1. Take everything out of your drawer and throw out any garbage, relocate items that belong somewhere else, and group the things you're keeping into categories.
  2. While your drawer is empty, clean it out {how do so many crumbs accumulate in junk drawers?!}.  
  3. You may want to add a pretty liner to the bottom of your drawer.  If you smile when you open your drawer you'll be more likely to keep it organized :)
  4. Use drawer organizers to group like items together.   These don't have to be expensive - there are LOTS of DIY options!
  5. Lastly, change your vocabulary.  If you call it a junk drawer, you'll always put "junk" in it.  Why do you need to keep junk?  Depending on what you've decided to keep in this drawer, you can call it a utility drawer, an office supplies drawer, a tools drawer, or a multi-purpose drawer.  You'll keep it more organized if you only put things that belong in that drawer in it :)

Here are a few examples of organized drawers {click the links as most of them have more tips for you}.  Please pin from the original sources.  These are not my pictures :)  Thanks! {Sorry the link is no longer working}

And last, but definitely not least, here's a short video of Peter Walsh organizing a "Treasure Drawer" on Rachel Ray.

Racheal Ray Show

For more ideas, check out my Kitchen Organizing or DIY Organizers boards on Pinterest.

I also posted a video a couple of days ago on the From Overwhelmed To Organized Facebook page that gives more tips for organizing drawers.

So, this weekend, take a few minutes to turn your junk drawer into a utility drawer, multi-purpose drawer, or office supplies drawer.  Whatever you call it, have fun organizing it!

What tips do you have for organizing your junk drawer?  Or what do you find the most challenging part of maintaining a multi-purpose drawer?  Do you know how all those crumbs get in drawers?

Happy organizing and have a great weekend!


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