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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blogiversary Week: Popular Post #3

This week to celebrate my first year blogiversary, I'm sharing some of my favourite and most popular posts from the past year.  

Here's today's flashback:

I called this post "My Daughter's Closet is Finally HER Closet!" and it's one of my favourites.   It's from last June so it was another one of my early posts.  

Look at the mess in that closet!  Can you believe it?

Check out the post to see how I organized it and got rid of or relocated all the items that didn't belong there and made it work for my daughter's things.

I'm proud to say it still looks the way it did when I finished organizing it last year!  That's a sign that the right organizing tools and systems are in place.  For now anyway :)  As my daughter's needs change I'm sure the way her closet it organized will change as well.

Here's the link one more time:  My Daughter's Closet Is Finally HER Closet!

Check back tomorrow to see one last popular or favourite post!  Plus it's the end of May, so I'll be sharing the Family Goals Sheet for June too.  

Which From Overwhelmed To Organized blog post is your favourite?  Is there a post you refer back to when you're feeling overwhelmed?  

How do you organize your kids' closets?  I'd love to hear your tips!

Happy Organizing!

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