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Friday, July 11, 2014

3 Ways to Stop Your Kids From Saying "I'm Bored!"

Do you have kids at home during the summer?  If so, you've probably heard THOSE words more times than you can count.  The dreaded "I'm bored!".  Or if your kids are more dramatic it may sound like, "I'm booooooooo-oooooord!".  Sound familiar?

Whether those words are uttered in the middle of summer holidays or on the first day, it's always frustrating for parents.

Here are a few ways I've found helpful for limiting how often I hear "I'm bored!".  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments too.  They may come in handy :)

Create a Summer Routine

I've honestly not heard "I'm bored" nearly as often since we've been following a daily routine or weekly routine as I did before.  By having activities planned every day, the kids have less time to get bored.  And they get used to the flow of what happens every day, which really helps them know what to expect, which helps them anticipate things.

The key is to not jam pack your schedule too much.  This year I've left some free time so the kids still have times when they can choose what they want to do, as well as options within some of the activities.  That's good for kids.  It helps them learn to entertain themselves and not rely on you to fill all their time.

Instead of "I'm Bored" List {Free Printable}

Two years ago (when we didn't have a summer routine) I created this list for my kids.  I put it beside our TV
 to give them ideas of things they can do instead of watching TV.

I just included a sampling of ideas that I knew my kids liked to do at the time.  Somehow when I reminded them of ideas they always said they didn't want to do those things.  But when they read them off the list, it was different.  Maybe it's my voice they didn't like LOL.

My daughter especially liked the list.  She would regularly go to the list for ideas of things to do.  And she'd usually find at least one that interested her at that moment and go off and do it.  Sometimes she'd send my son to the list if he uttered the dreaded words.  I didn't even need to get involved!  Score!

I also created a blank version for you so you can customize it for your kids' interests.  Just write in whatever activities your kids would enjoy (or have them brainstorm some ideas - you can use ideas from the Summer Brainstorming List)

Have them do chores

For the ultimate stopper of "I'm bored" ... give your kids chores to do whenever they say them!  You won't be popular for awhile, but you'll stop hearing those words.  It's amazing how quickly kids can find something else to do when they know they'll have to work if they say they're bored!

You may only have to threaten this, and if your kids know you follow through on threats, then you may never hear the words again.  Otherwise, you may have to actually do it a few times before they know you're serious.

You can decide what chores you assign... but if you really want this to sink in, I'd recommend something they really don't like doing :)

Please note:  I actually think it's OK for kids to actually BE "bored" sometimes.  I'm just sharing ways to help them stop SAYING they're bored.

Being "bored" can lead kids to be creative.  Like when we were growing up and we used our imaginations!  It allows them to find their own sources of entertainment and enjoyment.  Which is a good life skill to have.

So I'm not advocating eliminating "boredom" entirely.  But hopefully you'll enjoy your summer a little more if you don't hear the dreaded words as often :)

If you're looking for ideas to customize your list, you can check out my Summer board on Pinterest.

How often do your kids say "I'm bored!"?  What do you do when they say the dreaded words?  Please share your tips in the comments!

Happy organizing!

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