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Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Organizing Tips: Day 8 (Chalk labels)

Welcome to Day Eight of the 31 Days of Organizing Tips series!  I can't believe we're into the second week of the series already!  I'm so glad you've joined me.  Throughout this series I'll be sharing organizing ideas that I've found around the web that I love and that will help you on your journey from overwhelmed to organized.  You'll find a complete list of all the posts in the 31 Days of Organizing Tips tab above, or at the end of this post.

Yesterday I talked about labels and gave you links to lots of cute labels you can download or buy.  I also shared why I think labels are so important in getting and staying organized.

Because it's such an important topic and since there are so many ideas out there, I'm going to continue with labels today.  In particular, today I'll show you lots of things you can do with chalk and labels.

Some people are hesitant to label things because they feel like it makes the containers too "permanent" and they'd prefer something more flexible because their needs are constantly changing.

That's why I LOVE all the neat things people are doing with chalk these days to solve this problem!

Here are a few of my favourite ideas:

1.  Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything used chalkboard vinyl to make labels for her pantry.

Vinyl Chalkboard Labels

More Vinyl Chalkboard Labels

2.  Ginny from Organizing Homelife uses a dry erase crayon to write on the lids of her leftover containers {I didn't even know these existed until I read her post but since I'm not a fan of chalk dust these are a great solution!}

Label Your Leftovers

3.  Susan at Achieving Creative Order painted her daughter's dresser drawers in chalkboard paint so she can change the labels as the contents of the drawers change.

Organizing My Kids' Dressers

4.  Martha Stewart's line of office products includes chalkboard labels for a variety of products and uses. [Update: Martha's labels are no longer available at Staples so I've included links to similar ones on Amazon]
Similar labels here

Please pin from the original source for all these pictures :)

For Day Eight, label some more containers in your house.  You can make your own chalkboard labels using chalkboard paint or you can buy Martha's or you can buy chalkboard paper and cut your own shapes.  Or just use dry erase crayons on a rough surface!

Tomorrow I'll give you some tips and links on how to make your own labels.

And just a reminder that as the series progresses, I'll be sharing tips for various organizing challenges.  Feel free to leave a comment with any particular areas you'd like me to cover.  I look forward to going through this series with you and hearing your tips too!

How did you do with labeling your containers yesterday?  Have you used chalk for labels before?  What is the best organizing tip you've implemented?

Have a great day and happy organizing!

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