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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Google+ Blog Hop

Welcome to the Google+ Blog Hop!  We want to encourage you to use Google+ to help your blog and/or business grow.  This blog hop is designed for YOU to meet new g+ friends, increase the exposure of your blog/business and allow you to "fill your circles"!

Here are some links to refresh your memory on how to set up and optimize your g+ profile page so that you will benefit from this blog hop.

To join this g+ blog hop, link up your Google+ profile page URL (NOT your blog's homepage).  For the "name" section, use your name or your blog's/website's name.  Use your personal photo or your blog's/website's button/logo for the thumbnail picture.  

Important note:  If you have problems linking up your profile page, try linking the "about" section of your profile page instead of the "posts" section.  Also, problems loading a thumbnail picture usually can be solved by loading the picture directly from your computer instead of your g+ page. 

This blog hop is shared by 5 blogs.  You may link your g+ profile page at any of the blogs listed below:

We would appreciate it if you would also follow the hosts of this blog hop (add them to your circles).  All of the host's g+ profile pages can be found at the top of the list.  

This blog hop is only for g+ pages...please do not link up your blog's url.  We encourage the sharing of your personal, blog or business' g+ (profile) page.  After you link up your g+ profile page, please visit some of the other profiles that are linked up and add them to your circles.  We want you to help your fellow bloggers' g+ page grow!


  1. Thanks for hosting! Love these hops!

    1. You're welcome Leslie! Have fun meeting people and growing your circles :)

  2. Okay - I got it on there. Can you tell me one more thing. No two things. Do I follow everyone here? And how do I get my blog to show up on google+. I have tried everything. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sandie!

      Yes, I follow everyone on this hop because I want to build up my circles on G+ and get to know lots of other bloggers. It's a personal choice really and you choose to follow as many as you'd like based on your interests and time.

      As for getting your blog on G+, I answered that via email since it's a bit long to answer here :)

      Also, I noticed that your link above is actually to your blog's home page and not to your G+ page. I'll email you with steps to do that.

      Hope you enjoy meeting others on G+!

  3. I put a photo in from my computer - but....

    1. I'm not sure what happened with your picture Sandie but your link is right now so at least people can get to your G+ profile :)


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