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Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7: Magazines {31 Days of Easy Decluttering}

Welcome back to 31 Days of Easy Decluttering! Can you believe we're into week 2 of the series?  Are you feeling less cluttered already?  I hope so!

Throughout this series I'm sharing easy decluttering projects that you can complete in 10-15 minutes.  If you do them, then by the end of the month you'll be enjoying a less cluttered home!

If you've missed any of the previous posts, there are links to all of them at the end of this post.

Some days you may not need to spend much time on on the task, if you've already kept that space clutter free.  Or maybe you just need to take a quick sweep of the area to remove a few things.  If that's the case then you can take it easy for a day, or go back and finish another project in the series!

Today's Easy Decluttering Project

Today we're decluttering magazines.  For some people this may be a super easy task.  For others it may be a tougher one.

Magazines are great for ideas, articles, and inspiration.  And if you have a good system for pulling out and organizing the pages you want to save, then they are a helpful resource.  As long as you get rid of the rest of the magazine.  Every single time.

Otherwise magazines become clutter.

If you have magazines you aren't reading, you're adding clutter to your home.  Even if they were free or a really good deal.  They're clutter if you don't need, use, or love them, or have the space to store them.

Sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to keep up with the issues we receive in our mailbox.  If that's the case, we need to pare down our subscription list so we can actually enjoy the magazines we want to read.

If you're pulling pages from magazines with ideas you want to keep, but then you just pile them up somewhere and never do anything with them, then those pages are clutter!

In this day and age, more and more people are using Pinterest or Evernote as digital places to store the kinds of ideas they previously found in magazines.  It's a great way to reduce magazine clutter in your home.

And it's not as necessary to keep pages out of magazines for future reference when they Internet is full of ideas that are easily accessible (which reduces piles or files of torn-out magazine clippings).

But if you just love flipping through a magazine to relax, and you actually do it {not just dream about doing it!}, then by all means enjoy them!  I'm not saying magazines in and of themselves are bad... just that they need to be decluttered from time to time :)

So are you ready?  Let's jump in and declutter those magazines!

Easy Decluttering Steps

Throughout the series, you'll follow these steps to complete each daily task.  {Don't forget to take before and after pictures to share too!}

Note: The main purpose of this series is to declutter so don't get overwhelmed doing too much cleaning.  Once your house is less cluttered it will be easier to clean so you can always come back and do it later!

Also, if you have the time, you can organize the space while you're doing this step, but don't get overwhelmed with too much organizing this month.  We're focused on decluttering!

Purging Tips for Your Magazines

Follow the steps listed above, and use these tips as you purge (step #5) your magazines:

  • Recycle any magazines that are significantly ripped or torn up
  • Give away all magazines that you have not read in the last 2 months
  • Quickly pull out any pages with ideas you want to keep, unless you think you can find similar ideas online when you need them
  • Give away magazines you have already read or that you've read enough of what you wanted to read from them
  • Give away all magazines that no longer interest you (or another family member)
  • Give away all magazines you don't think you'll read
  • If you have stashes of old editions of magazines, put a plan together to go through them to decide what you want to keep or purge.  You may find you've been holding onto many of magazines that no longer interest you.  And if you haven't looked at them in a long time, you probably don't really need to keep them.   

To help keep magazine clutter under control in the future, follow these tips:
  • Unsubscribe from all magazines that you no longer read {this prevents future magazine clutter and saves you money!}
  • Unsubscribe from any magazines that you now read online or that contain similar ideas as blogs or websites you follow
  • Consider how much time you have available to read magazines and only keep subscriptions to the number you've decided you have time to read {choose your absolute favourites and unsubscribe to the rest}
  • If you subscribe to a new magazine in the future, unsubscribe from another one so your net magazine intake remains the same {like the one-in-one-out rule for household items}

There are lots of places you can donate your purged magazines (as long as they're not too old!).  Obviously you can give them to friends or family members who enjoy reading the same magazines as you but don't subscribe themselves.  Some professional offices (doctors, dentists, etc.) accept donated magazines.  You can also consider retirement homes, charities, or schools (depending on the content of your magazines).

If you are planning to donate your magazines though, make sure you actually do it!  Don't go through the effort of purging them and then leave them in a pile at the door for months.  That's still clutter!  Give yourself a deadline (a day or a week) and if you haven't given them away by then, recycle them.

And then enjoy the magazines you kept without feeling overwhelmed with trying to read all the ones that had piled up!

My Magazines

I don't have any paid subscriptions for magazines.  I recently subscribed to Getting Organized Magazine during a free promotion, but that's the only physical magazine I currently read.  I mainly read online and I've never been much of a magazine reader so it works well for me and our budget :)

My hubby doesn't currently subscribe to any magazines, but will occasionally pick up a sports magazine at the library.  We get a few magazines along with memberships (like AirMiles and CAA), but we flip through them quickly and then recycle them.

I have a few commemorative issues of magazines for major events (like Princess Diana's life and the Vancouver Olympics a few years ago) and we keep these on our bookshelves.  I had several more of these, but purged them a few months ago.

My kids have been given subscriptions to Owl, Chickadee, and National Geographic Kids over the years, and they also have a free Lego magazine subscription. They typically keep all the issues because they like to look back at them once in awhile.  It's also helpful to have some magazines in the house when they need to bring in pictures for school projects too.

So, no magazine clutter here!  And I plan to keep it that way :)

Pictures and Links to Inspire You

  • For more tips on purging magazine clutter, check out this article from Unclutterer (great site if you want lots of decluttering advice!).

  • This post has several great ideas for storing magazines that you are currently reading, as well as tips for storing the clippings you want to keep in a way that you'll actually find and use them!

Clean and Scentsible

  • And if you want to hear from the expert on decluttering magazines, here's a 1-minute video from Peter Walsh. 

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If You're On A Roll...

Good luck with today's decluttering project!  I'd love to hear how you did, so please leave a comment below, or on FacebookGoogle+, or Pinterest!

Don't forget to share your pictures in the Facebook post for today or use the hashtag #31DaysEasyDecluttering when you pin your pictures. I'll repin some of my favourites.  Plus don't forget I'll have a link party at the end of the series where you can share your photos too!

How many magazines did you declutter today?  How do you organize your magazines and clippings to keep the clutter at bay?  Any purging tips I missed for magazines?

Happy organizing decluttering!

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  1. Hi,I always recycle each monthly magazine with one exception: I love American bungalow for the beautiful old homes in them.i do periodically look thru the issues.i have three years many should I keep,as I will be collecting issues until I die?lol Suggestions please?

    1. It's really up to you Maria. If you look through them regularly then they are not really clutter. But it depends on your available space as well. Maybe you can designate a specific shelf or container to keep them in and when it is full you have to recycle one before you can add a new one. That way your collection won't continue to grow indefinitely. Because in reality if it gets too large you won't really look through all of them as much anyway. Hope that helps! Let me know what you decide :)


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