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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Storage Inventory List {Free Printable}

Are you packing up your Christmas decorations this week?  How do you store your decorations?  If you use the red and green totes, it's hard to know what you've stored in each one until you open it up and start taking things out.  If you've got several bins, it can get pretty overwhelming figuring out where to start!

After a busy holiday season, many people say they are going to simplify things next year, but by the next holiday, they're right back in the thick of everything and get too overwhelmed.  If that sounds familiar, then right now is the perfect time to take steps toward simplifying next Christmas! 

Here's a printable inventory list to record what you're storing in each container as you pack it up this year.  I'm also including tips for storing your decorations.  These two things combined will make decorating so much simpler next year!

Here are a few tips for storing decorations:

1.  Purge before you store!  Why store items you didn't use, or that you don't love?  Give them away to someone else who can enjoy them more. This is especially important if you bought or received new Christmas items this year and don't have or want to use extra space to store your Christmas stuff.

2.  Group items by how you decorate.  For example, if you decorate one room at a time through your home, then group each room's decorations in a separate container and label it with that room.  Then next Christmas you can just open the bin(s) you need for the room you're decorating at the time.  Or, if you like to use the same type of decoration all at once in different areas of your home (e.g. garland, candles, or lights) then store all of that type of decoration together. 

3.  Label each bin with a number or general description of the contents.

4.  Record the specific items in each bin on the inventory list and note where you are storing that bin (e.g. garage, storage room, attic, spare room closet).

5.  Keep your inventory list someplace handy so you won't lose it or forget it (home management binder, Christmas planner, etc.)

A few more tips:
  • Take pictures of your decorated home before you pack everything up.  It will make it easier to remember how your decorations were used this year.  You can print the pictures and store them in the corresponding bin to make it easy next year, or record where you've saved the pictures on your inventory list.
  • Once you have everything packed away carefully in your bins or containers, take a picture of the inside of the bin and keep it in the bin so you can put everything back the same way next year. 

Following these tips will take you a bit of time this year, but it will save you so much time next year when you pull out your bins to decorate!  And if you felt the slightest bit overwhelmed this year, isn't it worth the effort now to simplify next Christmas?  You'll be glad you did :)

When do you take down your Christmas decorations?  How do you store them?  Have you used an inventory list for seasonal decor before?  What other tips can you share for simplifying next Christmas?

Happy organizing!

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  1. Hi Hilda,

    I limit myself to 3 large rubber totes. Anything new coming in *must* bump something out for donation to make room. Its a very tetris'ish game going on in the bins but thats the limit. I tape general lists of contents on the outside regardless of where the decor goes in the house. This helps with returning the same items to the same box which I know for a fact, had fit well once before. :)

    I had wanted to purge & reorganize my totes this year but we went with very minimalistic decor in which a lot never made it out. I had also wanted to buy 3 of the same sized large totes - possibly the red/green ones - but that will wait for Christmas 2014. No need to rush out and spend money just yet.

    1. Limits are great Helen. I always loved Tetris... it's kind of an organizer's game :) Minimal decor is nice sometimes. If you're thinking of buying some new totes (especially the red/green ones) there are some good deals out there right now because retailers don't want to store them until the fall. But saving money by not buying at all is good too :)

  2. I never thought of an inventory list for Christmas decorations but it's a great idea!

    We used to organize our totes by type of item: tree ornaments, room ornaments, etc. but once we moved to an apartment and they had to be hauled up and down the elevator, we started to cut back. Then we reorganized them as stuff we definitely want to bring up versus stuff we may not want to bring up. A couple of years ago, we let our grown kids choose what they wanted and gave away everything else in the "may not want to bring up" category. So now we have just a couple of totes, and they always come up. :)

    1. Yes hauling decorations out of storage every year (and hauling them back after Christmas!) is a good motivation for decluttering them isn't it Janet?!

  3. Thanks for your great tips and inventory list!! Last summer I purged and sorted my holiday decorations. I decided to buy new smaller bins that stacked better and were easier for me to handle. I moved them to a more convenient location in my garage so I no longer needed a step stool to reach for them. Each box is one category. It was so quick & easy to get out exactly what I wanted this year!! I put up the tree and decorated my living room in one evening. Thanks for sharing this on P.O.B.C.

    1. What a great idea to use bins that were a better size for you and to store them more conveniently Olive! Sounds like you've got a very organized system in place for your decorations. Being able to decorate efficiently is one of the best benefits of being organized :)


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