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Friday, December 13, 2013

Organizing Ideas for the Weekend: Avoiding Christmas Card Clutter

Happy Friday!  Ready for another organizing idea for your weekend?

Today I'm sharing ways to display your Christmas greeting cards.  You've probably been receiving some in the mail already, and if you're like a lot of people, you look at them and then pile them up on a table or counter somewhere, causing clutter.

Nobody needs clutter during the holidays... even Christmas clutter!  So find a creative way to show off those lovely cards and eliminate the pile at the same time.

I chose easy ideas because I know with less than two weeks to the big day you're probably not interested in adding another project to your to-do list. 

Check them out!

  • Use a ribbon on a wall and clip your cards with mini-clothespins

Practically Functional

  • The back of a door works well too!

Simply Organized

  • You can do a similar thing clothesline-style!

    Mom of 6 on I'm an Organizing Junkie

    • If you've got an open staircase, you can put garland around it and then add a ribbon to hang your cards
    Sunny Side Up

    • You can make a greeting card tree with a vase and some tree branches

      Delightful Order

      • And of course there's always a good old basket or bin that you can place your cards in.  If you can hang it then it's not even taking up surface space.

      I Heart Organizing

      • You can also use binder clips to create a little photo book of all your cards.  This post has free printables for the covers too!

      Two Twenty One on I Heart Organizing

      • After Christmas is over, you could create holiday placemats with the cards you want to keep.  This is a great way to be able to enjoy your cards year after year, without creating a lot of clutter!

      {Achieving} Creative Order

      I mentioned in my Decluttering for a Simpler Christmas: Holiday Decorations post that I gave away a greeting card holder because I have another one that we usually use.  I haven't shown off our decorations, but here is our Christmas card holder.

      I don't remember where I got this one because I've had it for several years but you can get a similar holiday card holder here.

      I love that it fits just perfectly on this little wall between our hallway and our breakfast nook.  I walk by here hundreds of times a day and I like peeking in once in awhile and looking at some of the cards we've received.

      I also like that they are all contained and can't fall down (I used to tape them to the back of our basement door but I was not a fan of having to re-tape cards that fell down).

      So, if you don't want to make a greeting card holder, there are tons of options to buy.  Choose one that suits your space, needs, and decorating style!

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      If you don't already have a clutter-free way of showing off your Christmas cards, use these ideas as inspiration and set up a greeting card display area in your home this weekend!

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      How do you display your Christmas cards?  Do you keep all your cards every year or purge once the holiday is over?

      Happy organizing and have a great weekend!

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