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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 10: 31 Day Photo Decluttering Challenge

Got a lot of photos? Do you want to be able to enjoy your pictures instead of having to search and search to find your favourites? Does the thought of tackling your photo collection seem so overwhelming that you keep putting it off? Me too!

That's why this month I'm hosting the 31 Day Photo Decluttering Challenge! Each day I'll share tips to help you declutter your photo collection so you can really treasure and enjoy all the best ones. And I'll share my progress as I declutter my photos along with you :)

Today's tip is to declutter some of the photos that you don't look good in.

Today's Photo Decluttering Tip - Declutter Some of Your Unflattering Pictures

OK it's always fun to look back at some of our pictures from previous decades, featuring out-of-date hairstyles and clothes.  Keep some of those for sure. Especially those where you're with other people who are equally as dated as you... those are fun to share :)  But you probably don't need tons of  pictures of just yourself from days gone by if you don't feel good looking at them. Especially if they make you feel embarrassed or old.

Pictures reflecting changes in weight may also make us feel self-conscious or embarrassed. If you've lost weight in recent years you may want to keep one picture as a before shot so you can celebrate your hard work and achievement. And then let go of others that you're not a fan of. If you've gained weight over the years, you may want to let go of some photos that you feel particularly self-conscious in. But be good to yourself too.

Now... I want to also caution you. And I'm speaking especially to the moms reading this. As moms we often take photos of our families but we aren't in them. Sometimes that's just because we're taking the pictures (although in an age of selfies that's probably changing a bit).  But a lot of times we prefer to stay behind the camera because we're having a bad-hair day or we haven't put on make-up or we're dressed in "around the house" clothes. But our kids don't care about any of that stuff. They still need us to be in pictures. So, even though I'm saying to declutter your unflattering pictures, please notice that I said "some". If you're not in a lot of pictures already, please do NOT get rid of the few that you're in just because you don't feel that you look great in them. There's a balance and only you know what that is.

My Photo Decluttering Progress

After a wonderful long weekend celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, I'm ready to get back to decluttering photos. No progress to report today but I'll have an update in tomorrow's post!

Your Turn!

Today your task is to look through your photos and decide which non-flattering photos you'll let go of and which ones you're OK with keeping.

If you'd like more decluttering ideas, you can check out my Decluttering/Purging Tips & Ideas board on Pinterest.

How are you doing in the 31 Day Photo Decluttering Challenge so far? How do you think today's tip will help you? What photos are you decluttering today?

Happy decluttering and organizing!

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