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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5 Tips to Organize Paper

I mentioned a few weeks ago that May and early June are going to be really busy for me with my hubby away, a "limited screen-time" family vacation, and preparing for the Trained Professional Organizer exam.  

I asked a few of my fellow organizing bloggers to guest post so I won't be completely overwhelmed and you can still benefit from some great organizing tips!  I'm so happy to be able to introduce these friends of mine to you.  Please make them feel welcome here :)

Here's a guest post from my friend Lisa!

Well, no matter what I hear about this "paperless" age we are living in... I have a LOT of paper!

Two years ago, I set out once and for all to tackle EVERY. SINGLE. piece of paper in my house. When I was done, I wrote a book about it. :)

Today, I want to share with you 5 changes I have made in my life to eliminate and organize our paper.

#1 Stop using coupons.

This one was hard, but after researching coupon apps and trying them out at the store, I quit using ALL paper coupons. I figure I am saving about an hour a week in time by NOT using coupons and my time is worth the $7-20 I might save to get more time and less clutter in my day!

#2 Create holding boxes for regular piles of paper.

I never know what to do with all those papers the kids bring home from school. Invariably, if I toss one - we'll need it! So, at the beginning of the year, I set aside a box for each child in a kitchen drawer. Then, as the backpacks get emptied, I toss the papers in the box and deal with it when it gets too full.

#3 If you're going to keep it... display it.

These albums were so fun and easy to make. Last summer, I went through all the kids' school work that I had saved and condensed it down to ONE 2 inch binder per child.

Last summer, I wrote a new eBook, 10 Steps to Organizing Photos & Memorabilia. This eBook has lots of practical ideas for displaying your memories.

#4 Use ONE clip on your fridge.

At the beginning and end of the year I swear the school is having a contest to see how many papers we will need to keep track of on our kitchen counters and refrigerators! It does me NO good to see all those papers everywhere. I just know I'm going to miss something!

So, I highlight the important information on each sheet of paper and then stack them in chronological order with the most current flyer on top. Then, I can glance at the refrigerator each morning and know if I need to do or have anything special that day.

#5 Keep your files ON your kitchen counter.

By far, the best paper management tip I implemented was putting our most active files on TOP of the kitchen counter. Yes, I have a file box on my counter, but I have way fewer piles. And I'll take a file box over piles any day!

Thanks, Hilda, for letting me share my paper tips. You know I LOVE paper!

Lisa Woodruff shares her organizational tips, her entrepreneurial spirit and humor to encourage other moms on her site Organize 365: “Helping you organize your home and your home based business”. Lisa is a direct sales trainer and has helped hundreds of women successfully organize and monetize their businesses. 

Thanks so much for guest posting Lisa!  These are great paper organizing tips!

Happy organizing!

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