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Monday, May 5, 2014

Printable Packing List - You Won't Forget Anything!

Do you worry you might forget something when you're packing for a vacation?  Have you ever arrived at your destination and realized you'd left something at home?

Worrying about forgetting something can cause a lot of stress.

Why go through that?  Use a packing list so you never forget anything!

Today I want to share a few versions of vacation packing checklists I created for you.  For each of these checklists, you have a few options.

  • Print them each time you go on vacation.
  • Laminate them and use a dry erase marker to check off the items you pack.  Then you can erase your list when you're finished and re-use it the next time you travel. 
  • Put them in a plastic page protector or behind a frame and it will function like a laminated list.

Here are your choices!

1.  Vacation Packing Checklist

The first version is a list you can use for any family vacation.  You can use this checklist to make sure you don't forget anything.  It's all done for you to make it easy :)

This is what it looks like.  You can't see all the details in the picture because I used a pretty small font (so it would fit on one page!).  But just click the link below to download it and see everything :)

I've left a few blank lines under each category in case you need to add anything specifically for your family.  As you pack, put check marks in the narrow column behind each list. 

2.  Vacation Packing Checklist - Blank

I also created a blank version of the vacation packing checklist printable, in case you have more family members, baby/toddler gear, or special needs.  Or maybe you just want to tailor a packing list more for your family than using a generic one.

You can use the completed checklist to help you customize this one for the needs of your family.

3.  Vacation Packing Checklist - Road Trip Edition

We do a lot of road trips in our family, so in addition to packing clothing, toiletries, and travel documents, we have an extra list of required items.  If you're planning a family road trip, use this packing checklist to make sure you don't forget anything for the journey!

This version includes all the items on the first checklist above, and a second page with road trip necessities.

Hopefully having these checklists will help you remember everything you need to make your vacation awesome!

Don't forget to pack smiles and patience too :)

Which checklist will you use most?  Did I miss anything on these lists?  How do make sure you don't forget anything when you're packing for vacation? 

Happy organizing!

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