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Friday, May 16, 2014

Organizing Ideas For The Weekend: Road Trip Tips

Happy Friday!  Time for another organizing idea for your weekend!

Continuing on with my vacation, travel, and packing, packing, and more packing theme, today I want to share some tips for a great family road trip!  Road trips are great memory makers.  Memories that last a lifetime.  I still remember some road trips I took with my family when I was growing up.  And I've passed that love of road trips on to my kids. 

We nearly always take road trips for our family vacations.  Our kids don't actually know any other way of traveling because they've been taking road trips them since they were weeks old (actually even before they were born - the only time I remember being carsick - but that's another story).  I know they'd love to fly somewhere, but it's much more economical for us to drive at this point in our lives.  And saving money by taking road trips means we can go on vacations more often :)

We're road tripping to Florida soon, and when we get back I'll be sharing some of my own road trip tips, but in the meantime, here are some great ones I've found online, in case you're planning a road trip soon!  Or if you've never taken one because you've got too many concerns, hopefully these tips will help you overcome those! 

1.  Not sure how to pack for a road trip?  Here are a few ideas!
  • Ginny uses plastic totes instead of suitcases because they stack well, which is great for in a van or SUV.  Read her post for more great reasons using totes helps her on vacation and when she gets back home!
  • Sharon shares how she organizes her van for road trips, including snacks and drinks, activities, electronics, paperwork, and even shoes and sweaters for each person for during the trip.

2.  Wondering how to keep the kids happy during a road trip?  Check out these tips!
  • Becky clipped 2 magazine holders together (so they wouldn't fall over) and stocked them with activity books for her kids
  • Laura used plastic scrapbook paper storage containers to create activity centers for each of her children
  • Julie decorated a clothespin for each child and clipped them to her visor and when the kids behaved their pin stayed up and they received a treat at the next stop {I LOVE this idea!}

Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

3.  Think road trips are expensive?  Here are some Money-Saving Tips for Family Road Trips by Charlie.

4.  Worried about keeping the car clean?  Check out these 5 Tips for Keeping A Clean Car While on Vacation from Becky.

5.  Hopefully you won't have to worry about car sickness, but it's good to be prepared... just in case :)  Here are some tips to help you Pack a Car Sick Kit from Jessica.

6.  And last, but certainly not least, Sharon did a whole series on organizing family road trips last year and recently started a new blog called Great Family Road Trips with lots of great tips! 

I hope these ideas help you when you're planning your next family road trip!  You can find lots of other travel tips on my Organizing for Travel board on Pinterest.

If you're not going on a road trip soon, or if you'd like additional ideas of what you can organize this weekend, there's a tab at the top of this page called Weekend Ideas.  It has links to all my Organizing Ideas for the Weekend posts. 

Do you go on family road trips?  What are your favourite memories of road tripping?  Do you have any other tips to share? 

Happy organizing and have a great weekend!

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