Day 11 - Repurposing Dressers {31 Cheap & Easy DIY Organizers} | From Overwhelmed to Organized: Day 11 - Repurposing Dressers {31 Cheap & Easy DIY Organizers}

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11 - Repurposing Dressers {31 Cheap & Easy DIY Organizers}

Think you have to spend a lot of money on costly organizing tools to get your house in order?  Nope!  Getting organized doesn't have to be expensive!

Throughout this series I'm sharing ideas to help you organize your home by either

  • making simple organizers with things that don't cost very much OR
  • using items you already have in a different way.
If cost has been holding you back from getting organized, now you've got no more excuses!  

Today's post is another post about using items in a different way.  I'm talking about dressers.  Traditionally these are used for your clothing, but they can be used for so many other things too!  Here are a few ways you can use a dresser to organize other items in your home.

  • Use an old dresser for a TV console.  If your wide screen TV doesn't fit in your old entertainment unit, this is a great option.  It gives you tons of storage space to help keep your family room clutter-free!  You can update it to fit your decor, like in this example, but you don't have to. 

Ask Anna

  • You can use an old dresser for a buffet.  In this example it was turned into an outdoor buffet, but you could use it indoors too.  Again, you can update it to fit your decor, but the main thing is to think about what you can store in it... tablecloths, napkins, fancy dishes, serving pieces, candles, etc.  So much potential!

Organizing Made Fun

    • An old dresser can be used for storing craft supplies, paints, or tools as well.  

    Sweet Song Bird

    • No need to buy a change table for a nursery... just use the top of a dresser!  It gives you tons of hidden storage in the drawers for all your changing needs.  

    Pretty Fluffy via I Heart Organizing

    You may be wondering how buying a dresser fits into the "cheap" part of this series.  Well, I'm not saying you have to go out and buy a fancy expensive brand-new one.  If you don't have an old dresser in your garage or basement that you're not using, you can look at garage sales, thrift shops, or online sites like Craigslist for one.  For the amount of storage they provide, they are worth the small price you'd pay for a used one and that's why I included them today.  

    You can find lots of other cheap and easy DIY organizers on my DIY Organizers board on Pinterest.  Make sure you're following me on Pinterest so you don't miss any DIY organizer ideas!

    Do you use furniture for something other than what it was originally intended for?  Have you used a dresser to store something other than clothing?  Please share your tips and pictures in the comments to inspire us!

    Happy {Cheap & Easy DIY} organizing!

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