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Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 17 - Scarf Organizers {31 Cheap & Easy DIY Organizers}

Think you have to spend a lot of money on costly organizing tools to get your house in order?  Nope!  Getting organized doesn't have to be expensive!

Throughout this series I'm sharing ideas to help you organize your home by either

  • making simple organizers with things that don't cost very much OR
  • using items you already have in a different way.
If cost has been holding you back from getting organized, now you've got no more excuses!  

Do you like to wear scarves?  I don't mean the woolly, wear-them-when-you-go-sledding type of scarves.  I mean the pretty, dresses-up-a-simple-outfit kind of scarves.  If you do, they can be tricky to organize sometimes.  You don't want them to get wrinkled or tangled, and you want to be able to see the scarves you have, so you can wear them all and not just the 1-2 favourites that are always around.

Today I'm sharing cheap and easy DIY organizers for your scarves.

  • A basket always works for scarves, especially if you don't have too many.  To keep them from tangling with each other, you can twist them.  Makes it easier to see what you have too.  See the tutorial in the link below this picture.

1-2-3 Neat & Tidy

  • A hanger can be used to organize your scarves.  You can either loop them all around the top (if you don't have too many) or loosely tie them around the bottom of the hanger.  

Organizing Life With Less

  • A single curtain rod on the back of a door or on a closet wall is a great way to keep your scarves visible while also keeping them from getting tangled or wrinkled.  

Ask Anna

I don't wear very many scarves, so a hanger works just fine for me.  But if I start wearing more, I really like the curtain rod idea.

For more cheap and easy DIY scarf organizer ideas, here are a few other posts I've written.

You can find lots of other cheap and easy DIY organizers on my DIY Organizers board on Pinterest.  Make sure you're following me on Pinterest so you don't miss any DIY organizer ideas!

How many scarves to you have?  How do you organize your scarves?  Have you DIY'd a cheap and easy organizer for your scarves? 

Happy {Cheap & Easy DIY} organizing!

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  1. I have seven scarves. I know, because I just counted them, lol! I have two more dressy ones, which, if I have not used after Christmas, are being donated. I hang mine on a clothes hanger in our closet, the same clothes hanger that I hang my belts from, so other than my jewellery, my accessories are in one place. I love to dress up an outfit with a scarf, however, my scarves have also been on the chopping block, as with all other possessions in our home. Minimizing feels fantastic! And then it makes that much less stuff to have to organize. Which means I have also been able to donate several storage containers, which also means less stuff in my home. See, it is a vicious cycle! In a GOOD way, LOL!

    1. It's great to have some accessories isn't it Sue? It sounds like you've got a minimizing plan in place. If things aren't used then they're good items to purge. I love the feeling of having less stuff than I used to. Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh I have tried the hangar thing, and they get lost amongst my other stuff! I really like the curtain rod idea. Sue - I am in Houston. It's still in the 80s here and was in the high 90s last week. So I have three scarves. But I would TOTALLY put my two belts on the same rod!!!!!

    1. It's good to figure out what works best for you Jill and if a hanger doesn't work then it's not the right solution! I hope the curtain rod works for you!

  3. I will have to share this with my daughter...great tips!

  4. The curtain rod is cool! I put four hooks on the inside of my closet door for my scarves. I'd say I have 3-4 scarves on each hook! I live in the UP, and I definitely need lots of them! :)

    1. I like the idea of using hooks Lara. Keeps them hung up, they're easy to see, and it's easy to get them off when you need them (and put them back when you're finished... which, let's face it, is usually the hardest part of keeping things organized!).


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