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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14 - Under the Sink {31 Cheap & Easy DIY Organizers}

Think you have to spend a lot of money on costly organizing tools to get your house in order?  Nope!  Getting organized doesn't have to be expensive!

Throughout this series I'm sharing ideas to help you organize your home by either

  • making simple organizers with things that don't cost very much OR
  • using items you already have in a different way.
If cost has been holding you back from getting organized, now you've got no more excuses!  

Today I want to share cheap and easy DIY ideas for organizing the black hole under your sink.  Things can get piled and shoved back and buried in the cabinet under the sink and the whole area becomes overwhelming.  And that includes both bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Check out these great ideas to help you keep your under-the-sink cabinets organized!

  • One of the biggest challenges in organizing under a sink is to maximize the vertical space.  This post is full of wonderful ideas to help you do that, but I especially LOVE the idea of installing a shelf across the top front so you can hang baskets underneath it.  It won't work in every cabinet, but check it out and see if you can make it work in yours!

Crafts a la Mode

  • Here's another great DIY idea for maximizing vertical space under a sink and keeping rolls of trash bags organized, using curtain rod holders and wooden dowels! 

Simply Organized

  • For bathrooms, why not use an old magazine holder to contain your hair dryer, curling iron, and other bathroom electronics?!  You can set it under the sink or even screw it onto the back of a cabinet door.

1-2-3 Neat & Tidy

  • You'll see in a lot of magazine, Pinterest, or blog pictures that often people put shelf liner in the bottom of their under-the-sink cabinets.  This makes it easier to clean and covers up some of the imperfections that are often hiding there.  Plus, if your cabinet looks pretty, you're much more likely to keep it clean and tidy :)  If you're not sure how to install shelf liner, here's a tutorial to help you out.

1-2-3 Neat & Tidy

Each of these ideas is cheap and easy and you can DIY them yourself with the tips and instructions in these links.  And they will all help you keep your under-the-sink cabinets organized!

For more cheap and easy DIY Organizer ideas for under the sink, here are a few other posts I've written.

You can find lots of other cheap and easy DIY organizers on my DIY Organizers board on Pinterest.  Make sure you're following me on Pinterest so you don't miss any DIY organizer ideas!

How do you organize under your sinks?  Have you DIY'd something to keep the under-the-sink cabinet organized?  Please share in the comments!

Happy {Cheap & Easy DIY} organizing!

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