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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 28 - Earring Organizers {31 Cheap & Easy DIY Organizers}

Think you have to spend a lot of money on costly organizing tools to get your house in order?  Nope!  Getting organized doesn't have to be expensive!

Throughout this series I'm sharing ideas to help you organize your home by either

  • making simple organizers with things that don't cost very much OR
  • using items you already have in a different way.
If cost has been holding you back from getting organized, now you've got no more excuses!  

I've already shared cheap and easy DIY bracelet organizers and two sets of necklace organizers in this series (scroll to the links at the end if your missed them).  Today I want to share organizers for your earrings.

  • I love when people repurpose household items when organizing!  Here an old tea cup and an egg tray keep earrings separated, in one place, easily visible, and organized.  Click the link to see more pictures... especially the earrings hanging off the edge of the tea cup.

1-2-3 Neat & Tidy

  • Here's a tutorial for a simple earring holder made out of a radiator grate and a frame.  You can see all the earrings and they don't get mixed up or lost.  

I Heart Organizing

  • How about creating an earring organizer from a wire waste basket and a tray?  This one turned out beautifully!

I'm An Organizing Junkie

I love how these solutions are both simple and cost effective.  Those are the best kinds of DIY organizing projects :)

I included other links to DIY jewelry organizers in the other jewelry posts in this series.  If you missed them, you'll find the links in the series pictures below.

You can find lots of other cheap and easy DIY organizers on my DIY Organizers board on Pinterest.  Make sure you're following me on Pinterest so you don't miss any DIY organizer ideas!

How do you organize your earrings?  Have you DIY'd an earring organizer?

Happy {Cheap & Easy DIY} organizing!

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